About us

NWCSG was formed in 1976 when 10 carers shared a holiday with 9 disabled youngsters. Since then we have grown and we now provide 3 annual holidays for around 50 children with additional needs who are selected by the following criteria:
  • Those whose parents need a break from caring for them throughout the year.
  • Those who need the opportunity to share experiences with their able-bodied peers.
  • Those who rarely have the opportunity for a ’family’ type holiday.
  • Those who would not otherwise have a holiday.

The Charity is run by a Management Committee who hold monthly meetings and vote on key decisions.

All carers are carefully selected and checked through the DBS. They all give their services voluntarily yet contribute financially to the holidays. Carers receive training and include many young people and qualified medical personnel.

Holidays are led by senior members of the charity. Carers accompany children on at least a one to one basis and great care is taken to provide for the specific additional needs of all who take part.

These holidays are really special events. They are tremendous fun and have great energy. We aim to provide children with an exciting and stimulating holiday whilst maintaining a family atmosphere.