We are currently able to support and run three holidays each summer for a varying range of children from north west Lancashire. Each holiday has its own unique identity and format to provide the best possible opportunities for the children’s enjoyment. On this page you can read a little about each holiday and get an idea of the activities enjoyed on recent holidays.

Hinsley Hall Holiday

This is the NWCSG’s biggest annual holiday enjoyed by about 65 children and carers. About 30 children take part, 20 of whom have a range of physical and learning disabilities. The group stays at Hinsley Hall in Leeds and benefits from its extensive grounds and comfortable facilities. The week is action packed, high energy and fun! A wide variety of activities and outings take place throughout Yorkshire such as swimming, bowling, a farm visit and a treasure hunt. The week has a theme such as superheroes, wild west or pirates. Around this theme there is a week long drama with an unfolding story in which everyone has a part.

Music, dancing, singing, comedy, creative art and fancy dress are enjoyed by all. There are many young helpers in the group and there is great energy, laughter and fun!

Scotland Holiday

This holiday mainly caters for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and is specifically designed for their needs. The holiday caters for six to eight children and provides a high carer-to-child ratio to ensure the children’s needs are met and that fun is had by all.

The group stays at a catered Youth Hostel on the Clyde Estuary. The accommodation is very comfortable with grounds for the children to play in and is just a short walk from the beach. Its position means that there is easy access to a lot of great activities. These include dry slope hooping, horse riding, a ferry ride and visit to Loch Lomond, an indoor play barn and an ice-cream parlour.

Water Park Holiday

This five day holiday caters for about twenty children annually who either have a physical or learning disability or come from backgrounds of social and economic deprivation or have a sibling with additional needs. We also take some children who are young carers.

At the Water Park Centre there is a high standard of accommodation and an excellent level of support and instruction to enable the children to experience a whole range of outdoor and adventurous activities. This gives children chance to enjoy a break from their usual surroundings and to develop knowledge of the outdoors through activities such as kayaking, canoeing, climbing and environmental trails.